How to choose a marquee for garden, which will be needed in different situations?

The most common are the open versions. This garden marquee is perfect for parties or tea. In addition, they are used to shelter the swing. Outdoor tent for garden has no walls. He only has the roof. tent-the tent without the walls of the Closed awning for the garden already equipped with walls.

They can be solid or inserts for ventilation. The second option is preferable, because it allows you to enjoy the fresh air. This will not allow insects to get inside the marquee. Most often the last option of garden marquee is made so that its walls can be completely or partially removed. Moreover, they can be replaced with mosquito nets. Thus the marquee for garden turns into open or semi-open. tent-a tent with mosquito nets If there is a need to organize a comfortable stay on the nature, it is indispensable will be the awning-tent. It is usually made of more durable material.

Moreover, the supports are made with greater thoroughness because it must withstand bad weather. What features of the marquee should be interested in buying it? First on the list, you can specify its size. The area occupied by the marquee for garden, needs to be to fit all the necessary furniture. This can be a table and garden chairs. And perhaps under it would be to hide a small swimming pool. Second point, which should be of interest when buying a outdoor tent is associated with the material of an awning. It needs to be tight, but not too much. Overly thick PVC does not allow air to circulate inside the tent-tent to testify. At the same time the material must be waterproof. All the seams of an awning relies on additional glue. Be sure to pay attention to this feature. The third mandatory item you should ask about the material and the thickness of the frame tubes. Marquee for the garden, which is made of metal will last several years. But if you stay on the plastic, you can be sure that at the end of the season with an awning you will have to spend. Thickness of pipe base must not be less than 25 mm. This will provide sufficient stability.

Experts recommend to choose a versatile awning for the garden so that the feet were treated with powder enamel paint. This feature will allow to protect the design of the marquee for the garden from rust. The fourth action is to study the manual for the tent-the tent in order to know whether he will withstand strong gusts of wind. Sometimes the manufacturer indicates that the design is not intended for use in strong winds. Then you should refuse to buy it if the area in which it will be installed, characterized by frequent and strong winds. If you select a marquee for the garden is not stable enough in the wind, but still really want to buy, you should pay attention to the devices for additional fixation. These are special ropes and pegs.

They provide increased frame rigidity and make the awning secure and sustainable. multi-faceted canopy, tent And last, but not least, is the form of tent-the tent to the cottage. Very often they are made in the form of a square or rectangle. But experts say that more stable and less prone to wind impact, versatile design. That is such which has five, six or more sides. The more you have, the more reliable will be the tent. Numerous studies have established that a fence is the fence at the bottom of the marquee in the garden gives it additional stability.