The main task of a marquee for country house is to provide comfort for relaxing outdoors. With this construction, any area can be turned into a kitchen, dining room, garden furniture in a few minutes. Read more
Awnings gained popularity due to significant advantages over other structures: they are quickly erected and disassembled, easy to transport, they are inexpensive and roomy. It is no secret that the scope of usage of pop up gazebo structures is extremely high. The construction, trade, restaurant business, transportation. Selling awnings will also be of interest for owners of country sites. Read more
Marquee is a prefabricated structure, designed for temporary shelter, it consists of a frame and its tight-fitting fabric. For awning in most cases synthetic materials are used. Read more
An instant shelter is a really wise creation. From marquees to gazebos to awnings - they provide various benefits to the user. Many people have used these types of shelters as an outdoor for their bikes, motorcycles, cars and even dogs! It can provide a cover from the glaring sun or from getting soaked in the rain. These types of shelters have proven to be an excellent replacement from garages, car ports and the like. Since these cost less and are movable, the demands for such shelters have dramatically grown. Yet, what exactly do we need to consider in purchasing an instant shelter? Read more
The most common are the open versions. This garden tent is perfect for parties or tea. In addition, they are used to shelter the swing. Outdoor tent for garden has no walls. He only has the roof. tent-the tent without the walls of the Closed awning for the garden already equipped with walls. They can be solid or inserts for ventilation. The second option is preferable, because it allows you to enjoy the fresh air. This will not allow insects to get inside the tent. Most often the last option of garden tent is made so that its walls can be completely or partially removed. Read more
Framework awningdesigns have the broadest scope. Marquees and other structures of this type have been successfully used in the organization of public events, manufacture of marquees and awnings claimed trade enterprises, often covered structures used as warehouses. Read more
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